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  • All your daily life needs have been gathered at the heart of Istanbul...
  • How much would you like your job if you loved your office as much as your home?
  • Plenty of daylight, spacious areas, an efficient work ambience to work alone or together...
  • Ergonomic work spaces were designed to offer zest for life to employees in their work environments.
  • Your office is intelligent, environment friendly and fully equipped for business life with its car parks and LED certificates.
  • Aydan Uğur Ünal's special design for Offis16 shall welcome you when you enter into the office...

    The artist is a geomatics engineer and was awarded “PER LA MİGLİORE FANTASİA SURREALE” drawing award in the international competition organized in Italia with the theme called ’’Artisti di Strada’’. The artist started painting at her early ages and uses SABB method in her works.
  • Who wants to work in his office as he was at home at night?
  • Who wants to do some daytime work in his office?